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About our tour bus

Adaptable and Spacious Interior: Step inside the Bus, and you’ll discover an adaptable and spacious interior with an ambiance that provides an unforgettable experience. The high-quality interior introduces a new favorite place into your life. Fitted with ambient lighting, you can always ensure the right atmosphere for your journey whether daytime or at night. The flawless interior is crafted with premium materials including leather seats with high-quality trim options. The cabin, designed for versatility, offers ample legroom, option of a leg rest and reclining seats, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed journey experience.

Cutting-Edge Infotainment System: The Bus is equipped with a user-friendly infotainment system that guarantees not just comfort but also entertainment during your journey. An advanced system, with touchscreen display, navigation and smartphone integration enables easy selection of preferred audio connection. An in built premium Kenwood Excelon Woofer surround sound, a 32’’ T.V screen and a 17.3’’ roof monitor at the front and rear of the cabin ensures you an all-round entertainment feel. Charging ports are also built close to the seats, making it perfect for work and leisure travel.